Difference between Personalization and Customization

Today’s online users are not ready to accept ordinary and generic content and look for something that stands out in the crowd. Due to the over-crowded nature of the internet, marketers of brands are challenged to produce content that is unique and specific to particular audience. This is where personalization and customization features in.

The most buzzing phrase used by modern brands & marketers are personalization and customization. Often marketers use these phrases as synonyms. As a marketer, one needs to understand that there are similarities between the two but they are not identical.

We would love to give you insights about personalization and customization and help you understand it better.


Technically: Personalization is a set of changes that a product developer or a service provider provides to make the solution user friendly for the client or customer.

Marketing: Content that is created for a specific audience segments or characteristics or preferences is personalization.

It is generally done based on the available data or the requirement of the clients. By doing this, there is a better chance of satisfying their clients or customers.

 “Personalization isn’t how you’re going to win. It’s how you’re going to keep up.” @alantisch

The best example for personalization is the King of Online Retail – Amazon

Amazon by using NLP reads the previous behavior of the users and suggests a personalized recommendation for each of its customers. The recommendations are made based on recently viewed items, browsing history and the previous purchase made. There are bands that prompts you on the best selling, best deals, similar products that are bought together and other updates based on real time. The algorithm captures its buyers behavior in every session and keeps on updating to provide personalized solution to every user.


Technically: Customization is a set of changes that are made by customers, clients with their own resources, but assisted by the service provider or product developer.

Marketing: Customization gives ultimate power to the end user to change something in order to fit the needs or requirements of a person, business, etc.

Customization helps to enhance user experience as it gives individuals all the desired controls to interact with the product. Thus it is based on user intelligence over artificial intelligence.

Customization lets users to make their choice of what they want to see. Facebook allows its users to turn on notifications for individuals, pages or posts. Most of the e-commerce companies allow you to filter and sort the products based on the price, gender, color, material etc. The customization is made by you according to your requirement and it is facilitated by the provider. Whereas in personalization the service provider has the entire control over the changes.


Now there you have it, the basic difference between personalization and customization. Personalization is required to make sure that right content is reaching out to the right audience and customization allows people to make changes based on their interests or preferences.

Personalization is artificial intelligence over user intelligence, Customization is the other way around. 

Hence Personalization and Customization are not one and the same.

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